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The update in case you are a friend, but not a Facebook one

April 18, 2012 by Momma Bear

If you are a Facebook friend, feel free to skip this one.  I know I have driven a few people a little batty wondering what is going on, as evidenced by text messages like, “I’M NOT ON FACEBOOK, YOU KNOW!”  I’m anticipating using this blog for several purposes, one of which being to just keep the updates going.

So, here it is, for sake of ease at this point, taken directly this time off my Facebook timeline, just to catch up.  Aren’t I efficient?

April 7:  Today is a new day. The sun is shining, and my thoughts are full with my blessings of amazing friends and family. No matter your faith, this is a weekend to celebrate God’s grace. Off to a soccer game, then lacrosse, and then to my family’s Passover celebration. Biopsy results on Tuesday… thank you all for the loving thoughts and prayers.

April 10: @#$% CANCER!!!! Looks like it’s time to kick some cancer butt again. Not the news I was hoping for.

April 11:  Cancer is an evil beast, no way around that… but if you HAVE to have cancer, you guys sure make it all feel better. Laughed and cried and felt so buoyed up reading all your comments and feeling your love and prayers. Thank you all so much!!! I will get my cancer-ass-kicking plan on Friday morning. My understanding so far is that it changes everything into a Stage 4 incurable… but as my brother keeps reminding me, that doesn’t have to mean ‘terminal’. I *HATE* bullies and have no intention of letting this one get me!

April 12:  Well, told (Cub 1) yesterday. It was hard for the 30 seconds before he went back to playing his video game. This morning he wanted to know if I would lose my hair again. Not sure — think I might. I’m glad that his is biggest worry!

April 13: (Cub 2): “Why can’t they invent a hairdryer like thing with a big cancer magnet in it that they could stick in you and just suck all the cancer out?” Yeah! Why can’t they?????

April 13:  Will see a specialist on Monday at OHSU to discuss a clinical/experimental treatment. I feel like it’s a gamble either way — traditional treatment has horrible prognostic odds, but experimental is, well, experimental. I woke up this morning thinking I could focus on cancer, or I could focus FIRST on being a mom, daughter, sister, friend, teacher… who lives with cancer. I choose living!

April 16:  Met with specialist today and I feel SO GOOD. Really positive and hopeful. Probably won’t have any news for a few weeks, and in the meantime my tumor will get screened for 50 different mutations courtesy of a research grant. I am just appreciative of all the love and support for me and my boys. And oh yeah… I can SO do this. :)

So, there you have it.  All the news.  Tomorrow I am the focus of the “Tumor Board” at OHSU, a dubious honor but one nonetheless.  Looking forward to hearing the feedback from it.  Should get a call late tomorrow or Friday.  My care team rocks.



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